Tuesday, December 1, 2009

11/22/09 - 11/29/09

This Week in DD

First I must apologize for my tardiness in this post.  In addition to a lengthy holiday travel my laptop had some major issues that prevented me from posting this weekly update until now.  So here is installment two of the weekly update.

This week was a moderate success.  The week began with an early opportunity to regain my stride as an HOH.  Jenna leaves very very early in the morning for her current rotations at the hospital.  When she does leave she will from time to time forget to ensure that the dogs end up confined.  Certainly not a huge deal, but as something that has been expressed as an issue on a couple of occasions it gave me the opportunity to get back in the saddle so to speak.  It was also a perfect type of situation because it gave me the opportunity to have an issue that spoke to a larger issue rather than having to force a fake anger or upset disposition.  As an HOH it always has left a bad taste in my mouth when I know that my wife needs a spanking but I feel as though I need to create a reason to provide that for her.  A bigger issue is important for me because spanking because the dogs could have made a mess seems trivial.  Spanking because an issue that we have addressed makes a return, that to me, is significant.  Because in order for us to be better as partners in life when something is an issue we have decided to address I have a responsibility to hold us accountable to that decision.

The rest of the week was travel travel travel.  While I don't think I would have had any apprehension figuring out a way to spank while away from home the situation never arose.  So a good week from my point of view and I hope it gives some insight!

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  1. I enjoy reading your posts and getting a view from the "other side". It is interesting to learn that even when you know your woman needs a spanking that you hold back until you find the correct reason for giving one. That says a lot about you. You are dedicated to your woman and your lifestyle... but abide by your own standards of what is correct. I like a man who has the strength to live by his own set of principles.

    Thanks for sharing...

    His Kitten